Come and see what they saw.
Welcome to the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. The free show tens of millions of people won’t stop talking about.
Pay it forward

To tell the whole story of the gospels (spoiler alert: there’s a big ending), we need to do 7 seasons. To reach a billion people, it needs to be free. To be done right, we must be outside the system. So we need your help.

Seasons 1 & 2 have already been viewed over 160 million times because you’ve helped others “come and see.” We invite you to pay it forward so we can finish telling this story together.

Pay it forward

We’ll bring our loaves and fish, you can bring yours.
Together we’ll watch God feed the 5,000

How is this free?

A fee. A subscription. An email address. You aren't required to provide any of these to watch The Chosen.

We're two seasons in, and we're the #1 highest crowd-funded media project of all time. That's great. However...the next five seasons will cost $100 million to produce (a fraction of what other shows cost, but still...that's a lot), and we want to reach a billion people, all without a Hollywood studio or network writing us a check.

So if you choose to “pay it forward,” we can finance the rest of the seasons and keep the greatest story ever told free for the rest of the world.

Fund season

January 2020

Season 1

0% funded
Season 1 was fully funded in November 2019 - a whopping 75,346 people contributed a total of $10,000,000 in record time, making The Chosen the largest crowdfunded media project in history!

April 2021

Season 2

0% funded
Season 2 was fully funded in November 2020. This time 125,346 people contributed a total of $10,000,000. 86% of people who funded Season 1 also contributed towards Season 2.

In Progress

Season 3

0% funded
Season 3 is now funded! Remember, we’re doing seven seasons total, so we’ve got more work to do, but in the meantime, thank you!

Season 4

0% funded
Our next milestone inside our $100m goal is Season 4, which hopefully films in 2023. Help us get there by funding Season 4.

Season 5

0% funded
Season 5 funding will begin as soon as Season 4 is fully funded! Help us bring this season to the world faster by paying it forward now!

Season 6

0% funded
Season 6 funding will begin as soon as Season 5 is fully funded! Help us bring this season to the world faster by paying it forward now!

Season 7

0% funded
Season 7 funding will begin as soon as Season 6 is fully funded! Help us bring this season to the world faster by paying it forward now!
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What others are saying
The acting, the storytelling... it's believable and it's excellently done."
kirk cousins
(NFL Quarterback)
I'm such a fan [of] this incredible series, 'The Chosen.' I pray it will make the life of Jesus jump off the page for you like it did for me."
(International Recording Artist)
Wow, we were amazed by the pilot episode of The Chosen. Our family would absolutely love to see a TV series about the life of Jesus created. We’d binge watch the whole season all at once... we’re praying for the success of this project."
the robertsons
(Stars of "Duck Dynasty")
Director Dallas Jenkins’s new original series, 'The Chosen,' is revolutionary. It offers viewers a glimpse into what the daily and extraordinary life of Jesus Christ and his disciples might have looked like 2,000 years ago and invites the viewer into His story. As a producer myself, I’ve seen the power film can have to promote the Lamb’s agenda of love, truth and justice. 'The Chosen' does that in an incredibly compelling way."
pastor samuel rodriguez
(President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference)
I just saw the pilot episode of The Chosen and I was impressed by its quality and inspired by the story. The material is biblical and the production is crisp. I am excited to see this new TV series that explores how Jesus changed those around him. May He keep changing lives today through this beautifully creative effort."
jerry b. johnson
(President, National Religious Broadcasters)
The Chosen series offers us the promise of watching the life of Jesus from a whole new perspective. I was so profoundly moved by the pilot, I can’t wait for your family to experience and be changed by it."
dr. alveda king
(Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
I was moved to tears... and worship... as I watched."
anne graham lotz
(Speaker & Author of "The Daniel Prayer")
Finally, my son does something worth watching."
jerry b. jenkins
(Bestselling Author of "The Left Behind Series")
A TV show exclusively about the life of Jesus is long overdue. Like “The Bible” before it, underserved audiences will respond enthusiastically when presented with the kind of compelling entertainment they’re so eager to watch. The Chosen is a terrific concept, and offers families a positive alternative to so-called ‘family viewing’ options presented by Hollywood."
david bozell
(President, For America)
You have to see The Chosen. It's incredible! I've cried every episode."
kari jobe
(Award winning singer/songwriter)
At the close, as credits rolled, tears welled and then came heaving sobs (and this, just watching it on my iPhone). “This is so powerful," was all I could manage to say. It's such a jarringly good short – the lighting, sets, costuming, everything. But the best part is, the story. You wonder where it's leading through twists and turns, then suddenly… aha! Thank you for telling the old, old story in such an impossibly fresh way."
joni eareckson tada
(Joni and Friends)
Though Hollywood has brought us many memorable depictions of Our Lord's life, this project captures more than any other depiction. I've seen the life-changing power of encountering Jesus--fully HUMAN, fully DIVINE. On every level--production, writing, acting, musical score, even symbolic logo--The Chosen is a masterpiece that should be seen by everyone--especially Christians. Bravissimo!!!."
father paul dressler
In Hollywood, epic books become marquee motion pictures and memorable television series. So why hasn’t the most epic book in human history become a television series? With so much darkness coming from Hollywood’s creative community, this series absolutely must be made; and Dallas Jenkins has proven that he’s able to do it right."
tim winter
(Parents Television Council)